Genomics Analysis Core

Bioinformatics Data Analysis FAQs

What is the Genomic Analysis Core (GAC)?

The GAC provides data analysis support for all high throughput genomic platforms, including RNA Seq, Whole Genome Seq, and Whole Exome Seq. We can also provide guidance with large consortia data such as from TCGA, 1000 genomes and ENCODE.

Who is the contact person?

For analysis requests and questions, please email Uma Chandran at or call at 412-648-9326.

Do you work with Genomics Research Core (GRC), HSLS, CRC and PSC?

We work very closely with the GRC, HSLS, CRC and PSC in data analysis, education, training and high performance research computing for data storage and computing.

Do you support cancer genomics studies?

The GAC supports non-cancer studies. A second core, the Cancer Bioinformatics Services  (CBS) supports cancer studies from Hillman. Please contact Uma Chandran for your cancer data analysis needs.

Do you provide computing and storage for Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) analysis?

We do not provide storage media for NGS data. It is up to each investigator to purchase hard drives and store their data. However, we will store data temporarily during analysis. Please contact the CRC for your data storage and computing needs.

Do you teach programming?

The GAC does not provide training in bioinformatics programming. However, the GAC works closely with HSLS – MolBio resource to direct investigators to the use of HSLS licensed commercial tools when appropriate and making recommendations for advanced data analysis by the GAC if needed. There are a number of departments including DBMI, Systems and Computational Biology and Biostatistics which offer bioinformatics courses. In addition the School of Computer and Information Systems offers programming courses.

What is the cost of bioinformatics analysis?

Please see section on PRICING.

What is the turnaround time for analysis?

Due to the demand for bioinformatics analysis by the GAC, please contact the GAC at least three months prior to anticipated availability of data. If you are utilizing the GRC for sequencing, please contact the GAC during initial consultation with the GRC so that your project is in the queue for analysis and so that the GAC can plan analyst’s time and effort allocation when the data become available.
For grant submissions and budgeting, please contact Dr. Chandran to develop a budget commensurate with anticipated effort for future projects