Genomics Analysis Core


Each analysis is a custom analysis; effort involved is determined by the complexity of experimental design, number of samples, number of groups for comparison, scientific objectives, quality of samples, quality of RNA, sequencing metrics, platform and application. Therefore, it is not possible to offer a standard pricing quote for analysis.

For majority of GAC projects, project costs are based on time and effort for the team performing the analysis. As an example, typical pipeline for an RNA Seq experiment with 9 sample, 3 conditions and 3 replicates per group will involve quality control checks, mapping, transcript quantitation and differential expression analysis. If no problems are encountered at any of these steps, the approximate cost may be $1500 based on 10% effort for one month. If problems due to biospecimen quality, sample preparation or sequencing are encountered are at any of these steps, troubleshooting and completing the project may require up to 3 months of effort or more and would cost approximately $4500. The output from RNA seq analysis is a differentially expressed gene lists. Further analysis for detecting alternate splicing, fusion proteins or pathway analysis will require additional effort at additional cost.

WES, WGS, ChiP Seq and other applications may be more effort intensive and a typical project requires a minimum of three months of effort.

Please contact Uma Chandran ( before initiating the project, for detailed discussion about analysis pricing.


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